Update on the State of The Worb

Hello everyone,

This blog will be more of a ramble than anything, as I feel this needs to be more of an honest clarification on the state of The Worb within the past few months and what has been happening. As such, there isn’t really any subtitles or bullet points I would like to address for you at the beginning, and I’m just going to try and keep this as clear as possible about how I feel about The Worb now and how I have felt over the last few months in terms of productivity and quality of content.

As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much of an uptake in the challenges I have set over the last few months and website maintenance has plummeted in recent months as I haven’t been paying it much attention. I have been making false promises about the progress of The Worb and what things I aim to do within specific time frames.

It’s safe to say that things often don’t go the way they are planned, and there has been a major shift in my mindset for the website which has impaired my ability to keep the website functioning over these recent times.

One such feeling I have is the success of the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022, and how this has created the bar to which I must match all future content to the quality and consistency of this work. This has created an environment that wasn’t the same when I worked on this challenge, as instead of being able to create things of my own will, and of my own quality, I’m comparing myself more regularly to my past work, and I’m anxious in case I cannot replicate it’s success.

This has made me feel more overwhelmed than anything, and has created a mental barrier that has prevented me from feeling ready to create more content.

The magic behind what made February work, was mostly in the way of what was expected – and that being very little.

There was nothing to match, there was no boundary and I could create something big or small – it didn’t matter. My success to this challenge made me believe I could create bigger things at little cost to time and effort, and it made me almost instantaneously forget how much effort it took just to make February work at all. I had spent many hours creating 28 pieces of work, and that’s not something that I can shrug off. I have failed in keeping my expectations consistent because I haven’t paid attention to what I am realistically able to create, and how much time everything takes to do. All I saw after February was ‘well that was successful, I want that again’. I hadn’t considered the hours of work put in to what made February work and since then I’ve been more cautious towards what I spend my hours on.

If I am to start creating content again, I need to return to a state of no restrictions of creativity and no expectations of what I am to do. I cannot replicate February again, and I shouldn’t expect myself to.

In order to create something good, I need to not feel overwhelmed. I need to know that I can structure and do with The Worb whatever I feel like without the need to consider everything and spin multiple plates.

My aim now then, I guess, would be to return The Worb to a state of little expectations of what it is, or little explanation for The Worb in itself, allow myself the freedom to do things without mental or physical restrictions.

Kind regards,

Will (Worb)

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