The Future of The Worb

Hi everyone, so as this website is new, there’s a lot of opportunity for me to add new things in. While I am stuck for options, I know one day soon I will need to begin my journey into learning how to use WordPress to the limits of my subscription, and see where I can go from there.

As I do have high hopes for the website, with new ideas coming into mind (which I can’t exactly spoil), I can’t help but note that the more time I spend with it, the more difficult I believe it will be for these things to come about. Therefore for now, I can see this website being a hub for me to share some creative projects and updates for anything I wish to work on in the future.

Hopefully, coming up, I’ll have it within my range the ability to expand the capabilities of what The Worb can offer for anyone who visits it. Making it more useful for you in general.

I wish to urge everyone, please provide some information on what you would like to see come about from this website. If there’s something I can develop in the future, I’ll try my best to implement it as I gradually learn more about developing this website going forward.

Until then, I thank you for coming to The Worb! Please take a look at my previous blog post, which directs you to how you can provide the feedback I need to progress this website further.

Kind regards,


New Year’s Post (January 2023)

Hi everyone, thank you for your support over the past year. Granted that 2022 had both good parts and bad parts, I’m happy that last year was the first chance for The Worb to break out for animated content, and for myself to personally experiment and learn from what I was doing, which no doubt…

Update June 2022

For those wondering what’s happened with The Worb, it should bring you comfort that I do not know either. For something that originally started off as a form of self expression, it devolved into something out of my control, and as time passed I grew further apart from the project. I am considering my return…

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