Creation of a New Booklet (August 2022 Update)

Hello everyone.

I have started work on a new booklet which I plan to release at the start of 2023. The booklet will act as a celebration of all the things I have done throughout 2022, and will depict in detail a lot of things that have gone on in chronological order.

To give you a better understanding of what will be depicted, I will likely discuss the following topics in the booklet:

  • The beginning of The Worb
  • The Daily Worb Challenge: February 2022
  • The final post in The Daily Worb Challenge: February 2022
  • The Weekly Worb Challenge: March 2022
  • The collapse of The Worb Challenges
  • The creation of The Worb Podcast
  • and more…

I plan to make this booklet as ram-packed as I can, giving as much detail into these events as possible, whilst also experimenting with a new tool (for me): Adobe InDesign.

The planned release date for this booklet is Sunday 1st January 2023 and the booklet’s title so far is The Yearly Worble.

Kind regards,

Will (Worb)