Hello everyone…

Welcome to the Worb!

This website is a personal project of mine. In it’s current stages it’s still very new to me and I’m still in the process of figuring out what I want the website to be.

I’m also very new to creating personal designs, and one of the key aims is to experiment with new ideas the more I come to grips with the different software, such as Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator and more) and WordPress (to find unique things to add to the website over time)!

Please also see here my first post to the Daily Worb Challenge, done for the month of February. Although initially I wanted to do a post for every piece of artwork I post for the month of February, I’ve decided it would be better to create a new page for this challenge, where all the content can be housed indefinitely. That way I don’t spam my website with 28 blog posts in a month.

I’ll still keep the video and image here, as it can be a little taste for the actual page :).

Also this video is in 4K. Never done that before so I feel the need to flex.

First Worb Animation

Following the style of post number 1, I’ve made a picture that replicated the style. I hope you enjoy.

Mountainscape from a Close Angle

Please see here a roadmap of my podcast, coming soon to your earholes. Bear in mind, the first three episodes release one hour apart from another, starting 12:00pm, Sunday 30th January 2022.

The Worb Podcast Roadmap
The Worb Podcast Roadmap

There isn’t very much I can show you at the moment, so I apologise for that. However, I implore you come back to check out my website to keep up to date with news and to see any new changes I make, as I make them. I will be keeping this website up to date with any new information I can provide.

Thanks again for visiting!

The button below links to my Anchor account. The podcast doesn’t have any new episodes yet, hence why you will see it as ‘Unavailable’.

Please have a look at my blogs for new updates and a backlog of moments stretching back to September 2021!