Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022

Hello everyone. This is a page dedicated to the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022 edition. The Daily Worb Challenge is a month long task I’ve set myself, as training for the necessary Adobe software I wish to learn. The premise is to post something every day for a month, whether that be an illustration, animation, small video (can be a collage of previous work if need be), music (if I want to <:0) – basically anything creative I can come up with on the day.

One day can be quite short, considering animation is something that infamously takes time, not only to learn, but to actually do. I have allowed an exception to this challenge, being that I can post something unfinished, as long as it’s something I’ve worked on that day. As a result, there may be repeated steps in a larger project being added onto this page.

February 1st

This is a short video I made, of a group of blue-grey mountains with a pink sky, followed by a man dressed in green who approaches the mountains from a far-away position. It’s kind of random I know, but I’m proud that it’s my first ever 4K video. Although the entirety of the animation wasn’t created completely on February 1st, I did finish off the animation and created the man during the same day too -I’M COUNTING IT!

Feb 1st – Blue Mountains and a Green man

February 2nd

Following the short animation I made of the blue mountain regions, I decided to create an illustration that appears closer to the same mountains as before. The position of the picture takes place near one of the darker pieces of rock near the bottom of the mountain (you’ll see it in the bottom-middle of Feb 1st post). I’m thinking about making another little animation following the green man in this position of the mountains.

Feb 2nd – The Blue Mountains – Closer

February 3rd

So this is another little animation I’ve made following inspiration from the previous two posts. The same shot from the Feb 2nd post has been used, however, I’ve implemented more details into the mountain, as I retrospectively thought it needed more grit. The Green Man returns in this one, however to scope the mountain upclose.

Feb 3rd – The Green Man Inspects the Mountains

February 4th

So this one is different than the others. In a more portraiture-esc drawing, I’ve decided to make an animation of an eye. There is no colour in thus because let’s face it – it’s Friday and the process without colour took 2 hours. I don’t know how you would find this experience, but I found it quite eye opening…

Feb 4th – Eye Opening Experience

February 5th

This is a illustration of a random planet I’ve drawn. It bears some resemblence to the colours of the sky and mountains in previous drawings and animations. This took me more than today to complete, however, today I created the ship and the blue trail being made behind it.

Feb 5th – Planet Concept Art

February 6th

This one, like many of the other before it, follows on from the same place. Pink skies, grey-ish blue mountains, purple clouds. I’ve decided to spruce things up for you a bit more by giving you a different set of mountains to look at. Since it’s been a week since the release of the podcast, I thought you all deserve this reward :).

Feb 6th – Different Blue Mountains

February 7th

This one is done to break away from the pink planet I’ve seemed to develop a knack for drawing. Not complaining like, I can do what I want. Anyway, as you can see drawing something every day has been sending me a bit loopy, crazy perhaps. A bit maniacal maybe.

Feb 7th – Going a Bit Maniacal

February 8th

So, following on from the last one depicting me going a bit mad. I’ve extended this from just being a 2 second-long clip to surpassing 15 seconds in length. My longest animation so far and the first one to go over the 10 second mark. This one is a bit green however :0.

Feb 8th – Going a Bit Green

February 9th

Alright fellas, hear me out right. I know this is coming out Feb 10th, however, the animation was sorted out by like 11:55pm Feb 9th, so don’t harrass my family due to a misunderstanding of this regard. As to the video, this my first attempt at creating a little walk animation. It’s a little faster than I had intended, something I could’ve probably resolved with a little more time, however, it is what it is :).

Feb 9th – A Real Fast-Paced Walk

February 10th

So, ten days huh? Pretty sick that yano. Before I was struggling to find the motivation to get up and draw another picture, however, with each day I get used to the routine of working on the Worb even when I don’t feel like doing so, as it doesn’t take too long to get back into the motivated state of continuing to push towards this challenge and the website as a whole. I think the whole struggle aspect of this, is exactly why it’s called a ‘challenge’ in the first place, wouldn’t mean much if it was easy to do. Anyway – here’s a skull!

Feb 10th – Skull

February 11th

Thought I’d do something in honour of the overwhelming amount of green in the original posts I have been making. Taking a step back from posting something of my own, I thought I’d give a shout out to another green man.

Feb 11th – Green Goblin

February 12th

This one straight up took me five hours to make. No cap. I spent today experimenting with Adobe Animate, which in the context of The Worb, I’ve only used Photoshop before now. The differences between the software are apparent, one of them being the quality of the video. I’m afraid this isn’t in 4K like the previous videos – however, don’t blame me if I go back and edit this to make it 4K. Exporting a video from Animate is complicated to say the least (at least from first impression), and exporting with Photoshop is very quick and lets not forget IN! 4K! Albeit, more has been done today than on any other occasion, so I hope you appreciate it :).

Feb 12th – Black Eyed

February 13th

To celebrate another week of hard work, I’ve decided to draw a quick scene from one of my favourite film franchises. Not an animation, but we can all agree that Sunday is not a working day. The picture depicts Order 66 from Star Wars Episode III, however, from the POV of a clone receiving the order.

Order 66
Feb 13th – Order 66

February 14th

If you need an explanation of the message behind this illustration, you’re head is wobbled.

Feb 14th – Valentines Day

February 15th

Following on from the planet picture I did back on Febraury 5th (mad, 10 ago that), I’ve redrawn the ship I did in that picture from a different angle. This was so I can draft together a sense of scale, because the first picture showed the ship from the back as opposed to from the top or side.

Feb 15th – Ship

February 16th

So for this one, I decided to change it up a little bit and keep it simple. This hasn’t followed on from any previous posts (unless you count the skull one I did perhaps?), and features only purple and blue in a simple Life + Death post.

Feb 16th – Life + Death

February 17th

This one, is heavily influenced by my previous work, however, I’ve had this idea in my head about a Magritte-esc picture about having a figure being in the sky, but with the weather / time of day contrasting between foreground and background. Unluckily for me, there have been a few renditions of this idea since then, including The Watcher from What If? (MARVEL), and Samantha Maxis in the Black Ops 4 Classified Zombies cover picture. The latter of which is why I included the planet in the torso of the figure. Despite all this, the work I’ve done during the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022 has built up enough of a background to fill you in on the context of this picture, and make it my own :).

Feb 17th – A Head in the Clouds

February 18th

I have used the same picture illustrated yesterday, however, I’ve added some additional shading to the clouds to give them more of a ‘cloud’ feel. Also, I’ve created a little ocean at the bottom of the picture with a slightly darker shade of pink used, and a combination of the purple cloud colour and a bright pink for highlighting. The ocean aspect being something I haven’ introduced yet in any of my pictures, I thought it’d be a unique touch :).

Feb 18th – A Head in the Clouds (Amended)

February 19th

Just a leaf man. No explanations needed.

Feb 19th – Leaf Face

February 20th

In recognition of Sunday, I’ve drawn an accurate-to-life depiction of my common Sunday experience – that being sitting downstairs in my living room rocking a grid-like textured black dressing gown and a multi-coloured blanket, to which I spend the day in this position, usually nursing a hangover. Goodness knows what will happen next Sunday – perhaps even Episode 4 of The Worb Podcast :0.

Feb 20th – Sunday Afternoon

February 21st

Look, I’m running out of time. I have a week to go, and there is plenty I can do to keep things running at rapid pace. 21 days of creativity and another 7 to go, understandably, tiredness is a theme of realistic and unrealistic interpretation. Pride and wonder fuels this challenge as much as it does distract me away from it. I don’t know man, I’m tired.

Feb 21st – Tired

February 22nd

So I started drawing this at 22:22 22/02/2022. Quite a lot of twos, and since this kind of date is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially when I started drawing it and how many additional twos I can include in this description, where I brag about the amount of twos I’ve decided to include – you can see that Twosday (it is also Tuesday), has taken over my conciousness in this moment. Hope you enjoy:)).

Feb 22nd – Day of Twos

February 23rd

In these headphones, I’m unaware of all these things spiraling around me. I look away from everything, I am happy.

Feb 23rd – Headphones

February 24th

I managed to do this picture rather quickly. Juxtaposing others in a certain way, like how I once spent five hours tediously creating an animation that lasted 5 seconds. I’m proud of that animation, but I can feel a change in the attitude I have towards creating things, and my reasoning behind The Worb being amended slightly. I like the website as it provides me with the opportunity to express myself in my own way, but I feel like I’m beginning to do things for attention, and therefore the quality of my work isn’t doing itself any favours. I also feel The Worb is being more defined, whereas before I’ve always had the freedom to create things due to The Worb being largely unknown in many key areas. Things are changing on the website, quite drastically I add, what this means in terms of good and bad, I’m not really too sure.

Feb 24th – Worb

February 25th

Here’s a sequel to the blue piece of extacy that is the February 24th Worb post. It’s tken a bit of a dark, corpse-ey turn but hey ho, not-long-to-go. The final pictures of the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022 are about to show.

Feb 25th – Corpse Worb

February 26th

This one is a bit random. Remember when I mentioned at the start of this challenge that I can post basically anything as long as it’s creative? With Shrove Tuesday coming up, I’ve crafted something well and truly abominable – red pancakes, that look like bacon.

Feb 26th – Literal Bacon Pancakes

February 27th

Ey look, it took me a while to get this post to you, and I apologise for it’s simple design and unimpressive nature. Isn’t it fun to subvert the expectation of what one may anticipate a hard-worked drawing to be posted, only to receive this. Hopefully, when you see the effort put into February 28th’s post, you may finally see my hardest working post to date.

Feb 27th – Worb Logo Prototype

February 28th

So here we are, the final post for February 2022’s Daily Worb Challenge. If you’ve been paying attention to the website’s events from this point in time, you’ll know that it has taken me a while to add these final posts to the website. I don’t want to mask this. March has been an unexpectedly hard month to deal with personally so please forgive the lateness of these uploads (at least on the website – as this video has been on YouTube for weeks now at this point). This is no less a creation I started working on during the last day of February, however, had to finish on March 1st through painstaking rusty-ness of Adobe Premier Pro. I hope you appreciate my effort here. HERE IT IS! THE FINAL DAILY WORB CHALLENGE – FEBRUARY 2022 POST:

Feb 28th – Final Daily Worb Challenge Post


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