April Update

This post will discuss the following:

  • The End of the Month Post – April 2022
  • Final March Post
  • Upcoming Podcast Release
  • ‘March 1st’ Song Release (YouTube)

The End of the Month Post – April 2022

Hello everyone.

As discussed in my podcast, and against the grain of how I should be tackling the issues that came up for me in March, I have decided to create only one thing during the month of April to which will be released towards the end of April.

This week, I will set up a new page to go under my Projects area, dedicated to this challenge specifically.

Final March Post

Apologies for the delay in getting this to you.

The final March post will be released sometime this week. Rest assured, I did work on this during March, so I’m not breaking the boundaries of the challenge too much, however, it’s a case of finishing it and posting it.

I wasn’t too happy when I posted the unfinished animation on March 10th, so I’m aiming to complete the last post of March before I post it on the Weekly Worb Challenge – March 2022. I’m well aware that it’s April now.

Upcoming Podcast Release

As always, the next episode of the podcast will be released on the last Sunday of the month. In the previous episode, I indicated to the annoyance of this specific Sunday, as it falls on the earliest possible date that the last Sunday of the month could fall onto.

This date would be: Sunday 24th April 2022

The podcast will likely be discussing the artwork done for the month of April, among other things.

‘March 1st’ Song Release (YouTube)

March 1st – Song Cover

The March 1st song, was the piano song I created for the last post on the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022.

Titled ‘March 1st’ for the fact the song was meant to reflect on all the work done in February but acknowledges that The Worb must move on to other things.

It’s also titled this because both the video and song were created and uploaded onto YouTube on March 1st.

The song itself will be released on YouTube as a standalone, sometime this week. A link will be posted here upon release.

Kind regards,

Will (Worb)

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