March 2022 Update

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well.

I thought I may as well give an update into what’s happening with the Weekly Worb Challenge and why I haven’t been as active with it as I have wanted to be.

This blog will cover the following:

  • Weekly Worb Challenge – March 2022
  • New Podcast Episode
  • Plans for April

Weekly Worb Challenge – March 2022

With the success of the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022, I look back on the amount of hard work that was done during that month with pride, and it gave me a taste of the potential amount of art that can be created through The Worb. Being given a regular schedule to complete a drawing and having it be announced publicly as a challenge, not only gave me enough motivation during February to complete the challenge, but also gave the website good quality content that wasn’t me trying to introduce The Worb through words, or even just trying to detail plans for the future.

I’m still happy with all that I managed to do with February, and it will last on the website as the first fully successful project The Worb has managed to have.

One drawback with it though, even though I’m happy with the quality of February’s content, I wondered towards the end of that month, how much better would my artwork be, if I had put in a weeks worth of effort and put it into one piece of art. Hence the creation of the Weekly Worb Challenge – March 2022.

March for me personally has been the first personal challenge I have had to face properly in 2022. New Years resolutions made it so January and February weren’t all that bad, and I had a good work ethic to put towards both my full-time job, and The Worb. However, by the time March came around, I had spent the first week on holiday, therefore creating the first Worb post took me until 10th March, and that not only isn’t a week in, but also I rushed to create something to post last-minute because I was afraid of not having anything to post at all.

My mental health has also recently took a toll, and as a result my New Year’s resolutions came to an end (at least the activities that I have been doing have, I’m still desperate to improve myself). My work ethic has suffered and I’ve recently felt little motivation to attack The Worb the same way I did in February. Right now, I’m in limbo, as I’m currently re-evaluating some of my personal values and beliefs and trying to find a way to live healthy and happy. As I’ve been spending a while trying to figure this out, it’s understandable I feel that The Worb hasn’t exactly taken the forefront of my mind during this time. As I’m piecing my life together, there are things I need to sort out personally before I feel ready to spend every day going through and creating something for The Worb.

I’m still going to try and squeeze out four posts before the end of February, but it won’t exactly be a week apart. I’ve got a post to do this week, as well as a podcast episode (how quick was that!?), and then another one for next week, although this may bleed into April a little bit!

New Podcast Episode

As you may have expected, giving the title of my last podcast episode, it’s no surprise that it’s going to be called *drum roll*

Episode 5: Weekly Worb Challenge – March 2022

The podcast will be released on Sunday 27th March 2022 (first day of British Summer Time!) and will discuss some of the artwork being created during this month. It may also explain some of the things I have been encountering this month, but only in the sense of keeping an honest record of what I’m going through at this time. The Worb is all about trial and error, and as always, it’s an experiment. Some things may work, some things won’t.

If you’re new here, please check out The Worb Podcast on Spotify

Plans for April

To slow things down even further, and I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but I’ll be tempted to create just one semi-long form piece of content for the month of April. The exact details are yet to be decided. But one thing I need to learn to do is create something that can last a decent length of time (say like 5 minutes).

The time I spent using Adobe Animate took me 5 hours (still not over that) and it was a highly detailed 5 second clip to which I used the best of my ability to create multiple moving parts. The realisation that spending more time on a single project will make it of better quality was one I made for March, but obviously I’ve been struggling quite a bit recently. I still want there to be a momentum, but I would also like to give my mind a bit more of a break.

This differs immensely to the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022, as one piece of art against twenty-eight pieces of art is going to make April a different month altogether. I’m not giving up hope.

I’m here in hopes that April will be a better and more productive month than March, but that’s down to me.

Kind regards,

Will (Worb)

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