My Decision for March + Next Podcast Episode Announcement (Feb ’22)

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. below I’ve organised and subtitled the different topics I’m going over on this blog post. This will help if you’re interested in learning more about a specific topic I’m discussing:

  • Daily Worb Challenge – Discussion
  • Next Podcast Episode Announcement

Daily Worb Challenge – Discussion

On the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022, I’ve been spending some time reflecting upon my work and how immensely proud I am of how much work has gone into it, and how effective I have been in bringing The Worb out of it’s introductory phase, and bringing content to the website for people to see.

In my latest post to the Daily Worb Challenge (reference: 24th February post), I’ve gone into some detail about how my motivations for adding to The Worb have been effected slightly, by having it shift from creating content because I enjoy doing it, to me thinking about how others may perceive it. While this may seem like a beneficial change to have implemented, I feel like this attitude towards trying to please others may eventually overtake my motivations to post, and therefore the artwork I produce will become less authentic to myself and what I want from The Worb.

In light of this, I’ve also been thinking about what I want from the month of March. I’ve touched upon next month in my last blog post to which I detailed how I wouldn’t want to do another Daily Worb Challenge for March as I feel creating something daily takes away from the amount of time I have to create artwork, and therefore some of my posts may appear rushed and lack a certain quality that I feel will come if I had more time to work on things.

I’ve suggested that perhaps I can work on producing something on a per-weekly basis, as to keep making content to which I can then discuss on a per-monthly podcast episode. In the end I feel this is the best option for now, and I will experiment with this idea throughout the next month to understand how effective it is in creating content for The Worb.

Prepare yourselves for the Weekly Worb Challenge – March 2022.

Next Podcast Episode Announcement

Episode 4 of The Worb Podcast, will be different to the first three. I’ve worked over this month to create content on The Worb that I can discuss in this new episode, and therefore this episode will be less of an introduction to The Worb, unlike it’s first three predecessors.

The next episode will be titled ‘Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022

A fitting title for what the episode will be about. I originally was going to call it something like ‘Discussion of: Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022’, but then I decided that this would be too long as an episode name and I’ve opted to keep it simple and straight to the point.

Episode 4: Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022, will be released on Sunday 27th February 2022 on Spotify.

* I will also be adding episodes 1 – 4 on YouTube in due course, keep an ear out for that!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope it wasn’t too long for you all.

Kind regards,

Will (Worb)


  1. Is this a marketer thing? Because those who’ve worked in that industry (or the media) tend to have more streamlined and ‘proper’ websites. I am also loving your Daily Worb Challenge, as the creative works really have that authentic feel. The premise is awesome too—much like the daily blog challenge, anything that challenges you to consistently create is always good for the soul.

    I love that you have so many concurrent projects going, so I’m wishing you all the best in your pursuits!

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  2. It’s more of a personal thing to be honest. It came about initially because I work in Marketing, but it’s now just a place to post art and other stuff.

    Thank you! I agree with the benefits of what the Daily Worb Challenge can bring, however, I’m hoping to turn it into a weekly challenge, while still keeping the daily uptake of artwork. I suppose it permits the occasional break (something February hasn’t been able to bring haha!) but I feel rushed to create something by the end of the day when doing a daily challenge, and if I uptake a weekly challenge it will keep me creating and the artwork will be of higher quality as a result of more time being spent on it. I won’t be in any hurry!

    Thank you for taking the time to view The Worb as well, I appreciate your understanding of what’s been going and for having a look at the artwork!:)


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