Thoughts on the Daily Worb Challenge – (February 2022 Update)

Hello everyone,

There has been something on my mind since yesterday, a reflection that has been taking place even before we have reached the mid-point of the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022.

For those who aren’t aware of this challenge, essentially, I’m creating something new every day for the month of February. Designed as an incentive to go ahead and make something despite what day it is, or how I feel, is a way of being able to publish more things for The Worb as a whole.

The Daily Worb Challenge has helped me so far move The Worb out of it’s introductory phase. Where in quite a lot of previous material on the website and especially on the first three episodes of the podcast, has been spent on trying to explain what The Worb is, what my plans are etc. I’ve gone off the rails on some of the explanations I’ve made, and by that I mean speaking off-script about a lot of my ideas.

There hasn’t been much development prior to January that hasn’t been making blog posts or apologising for the lack of content.

As a result, I believe I’m making progress to the benefit of the website, and that I’m able to not only showcase these ideas visually but also have some content on the website too! Finally there is some substance to what I’m doing.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about in recent times too is how quickly I’m made to make these things. the time constraints of working on something on a day-to-day basis means a lot of the content has either had to rely on previous art work (not reposting, but adding to old artwork that I’ve done), or has been posted incomplete, or not even to the best of my ability.

As a result, I think in March, I won’t be attempting to post something every day. This is because I want to take the amount of effort I’m putting into the Daily Worb Challenge – the lesson of working despite the mood, and practising even when I don’t feel like doing so – and try and transform it into a bigger project, that I can afford to spend more time on.

To fixate on this idea a bit further, I will keep to a deadline in March, but instead of every day, perhaps I could focus on releasing something per-week. That way, although I will be working to a time, I can continue working into the night (if I want), I can spend some more time on the weekends finalising some aspects. The content I can create can be longer and of higher quality than what I can produce in a day.

Let me know what you think about this idea? Would you be happy to see content roll out on a weekly basis?

Clarification – when I say things like ‘working despite the mood’ or ‘practicing even when I don’t feel like doing so’, I’m not saying it to spite The Worb, or, how I feel about everything that I’m doing.

I feel the need to be honest that I’m not going to have the same motivation to work every day on the website as I will do on some other days. It’s important that I do work those days as well in order to keep producing things, because it was exactly this kind of mood that kept me from starting animation in the first place, even when I had the software at my disposal.

I pay close attention to how I feel about The Worb, and I’m not putting anything off personally just because of The Worb. I will need to put in what I can to make sure there is something on the website I can say I’m proud of – and once February is over I can look back on all that I have done, and see how much progress I’ve made simply because I’ve decided I’m going to work on something.

As always, kind regards.

Will (Worb)

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