My Statement (April 2022)

Hello everyone,

I’m not entirely sure what to say or how to go about doing this. All I know is that something needs to be said about The Worb and what has been happening with it, because the situation keeps growing and it’s starating to become detrimental to the website as a whole.

For ease of readability, I’m going to be labelling each part of what I have to say in the contents section below:

  • For Starters
  • My Issues
  • Where They Began
  • How I’m Attempting To Resolve Them
  • April’s Podcast
  • Conclusion

For Starters

This isn’t easy to say, but for the oast few months The Worb has been going through a period of decline that has started small and continued to manifest and grow into the problem I find myself now.

To explain best my current issues, I would like to clarify that this isn’t specifically focusses on The Worb itself, and is not an isolated issue. There have been an influx of issues that have arisen from changes in my personal ideologies that have caused me to shift focus away from The Worb for a large majority of my time, and the cause I believed in when I first started The Worb has been dying slowly. I think I can explain this best below.

My Issues

My issues that have caused the decrease in activity towards The Worb have been hard to describe, because I have not been giving myself the personal attention I need to look at these issues fully and understand its cause and provocation.

I’m still in the process of figuring it out, but I believe the main issue comes down to what The Worb initially began as, and how I have personally changed to which I now counteract The Worb’s initial messaging.

I used to focus on myself when I started The Worb. An idea that The Worb is focussed on what I do and that if I could create artwork that is meaningful to me, and even if it was just me that could appreciate it, then that could be a job well done.

It became an exciting idea for me because The Worb was a beacon of my personal ideas and about me being able to create things how I liked them, based around what I found interesting and meaningful at the time. I liked this, because at least then I can call it my own, and at least then I could understand that personal meaning behind the art was an important thing to have.

Where They Began

These issues stemmed intially from both the success of the Daily Worb Challenge – February 2022 and my personal positions both mentally and physically during the earlier weeks of March 2022.

It wasn’t that the success of Feruarly alone caused my issues, but it was a plethora of differing factors that I believe may have shifted my perspective of not just The Worb, but life in general.

During the first week of March, I was meant to seperate my time wisely with the start of the Weekly Worb Challenge – March 2022 and new potential exciting projects that could arise following February. However, I had attended a festival with my family that week, which was pre-planned and paid for, and this festival not only took up a few days at the start of March, but encompassed the Sunday of that week, meaning that the release date for the first post had to be postponed.

I, in no way, regret going to the festival as I believe personal time is important, please don’t misconstrude my point. However, this combined with the ending of February – in which the last two posts weren’t released on the same day of creation and didn’t follow the same rules and schedule – mean’t that the existing daily routine that I had stuck to for February began to come apart and break.

Not to mention, when I got back from holiday, I had caught Covid, and trying to work with the mindset of staying at home all the time and not really being in the best of moods was hard to do. I was also in a period of burnout following posting daily during February and I felt justified to rest my head.

It was also at this point in time that a lot of my personal ideologies regarding The Worb began to be questioned as I was regularly allowing myself to use social media applications (something which I tried to stay away from) in order to quell boredom, and following this I began to consider my audience when doing these things with The Worb – which became distracting because it was no longer just about me, and I began to question who would enjoy my content and artwork.

How I’m Attempting To Resolve Them

Truth is, following all of this, I’m not sure what the best route is to solving this problem because over a period of months it has grown very complicated.

I’m tempted to just give up on the whole monthly system I have set up, where I release artwork and then create a podcast episode covering what I did. I feel like this is beating a dead horse and only seeks to keep me believing that I’m living with the same concept and approach for The Worb when the passion has begun to fall.

I wanted to create artwork that is meaningful but I let public perception and opinion get into my head and therefore make it harder to sit down and create something. If I can no longer see the value in the artwork myself, then nobody else will, and if I’m creating something for somebody else entirely then it’s harder for me to enjoy and it wouldn’t matter if I found it meaningful.

I need to remind myself that it’s only me that can carry The Worb forward, and when I stop doing things that remind me that this is for me and it’s meant to be an avenue of self-expression. Until then, I will not have the courage to follow through with a lot of projects that I have in mind.

Also, giving that April has fallen over now, with nothing really to give the website and it’s viewers alike, I think I will need to take a break from this cycle of creation, and re-evaluate why The Worb is important to me. I will not be comfortable opening my computer and creating something otherwise.

April’s Podcast

As I’ve mentioned, there is nothing I can give you for April of this year (content-wise) and I wish to take a break from this system entirely.

As a result, there will be no April podcast episode.

I’m so sorry about this, beyond belief. I am disappointed that there is nothing I can give you all this month, but I’m even disappointed with myself, that the momentum I once had has vanished and that not posting an episode this month has no doubt added the final nail to the coffin.

In Conclusion

To end it all, let this be an official announcement of a break until further notice. I’m not sure how long this will be for, however, I know once I’m ready to post something, I will get round to it and create something.

I need to find purpose in The Worb again.

Kind regards,

Will (Worb)