New Year’s Post (January 2023)

Hi everyone, thank you for your support over the past year.

Granted that 2022 had both good parts and bad parts, I’m happy that last year was the first chance for The Worb to break out for animated content, and for myself to personally experiment and learn from what I was doing, which no doubt helped me in the long run to bring new ideas to the table and hopefully bring new videos for the next year.

Following a poll that I created, I asked if it would be best for me to come forward with short animated videos released over time, or whether it’d be best to put all my efforts towards a feature length animation which will be released a few years down the line.

The vote came down to releasing short length content to be released gradually over time, as such, I’m happy to begin production of the first short length animated film in as soon as possible.

2022 broke the ice for The Worb, now here is 2023 and I’m excited to reveal new content coming forward in this new year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Many thanks,

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