Update June 2022

For those wondering what’s happened with The Worb, it should bring you comfort that I do not know either.

For something that originally started off as a form of self expression, it devolved into something out of my control, and as time passed I grew further apart from the project.

I am considering my return to The Worb.

Hints have been made in my recent changes to the homepage, where you will find another description discussing this topic.

For the survival of The Worb, I need to take priority over my own personal creative needs than that of what other people want to see.

In an ideal circumstance, likes, followers and views would have little to no impact on my art, but I cannot deny it’s effects following February.

And while I work hard for The Worb during high moments, I am afraid of it’s success because I don’t know what it would mean going forward, to have an audience watching what I do. It’s scary.

I don’t think there would be any way to get passed this unless I get over it myself. That in the event that people like my artwork and that I receive comments from others talking about it, that I do not allow the outside opinions to cloud what creative expressions I want to produce, because then I can’t really claim that they came from me.

For the future of The Worb, I cannot guarantee it. For any planned dates or release schedules, I will not guarantee it. For regularities, for expected releases and for a consistent stream of artwork to flow, make note of the fact that I can no longer guarantee releases.

For your troubles, here is some art below:

18/06/22 – The Triad

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