Daily Worb Challenge

Hello everyone.

In the spirit of the Worb, being a fairly new website made by someone who needs to walk before he runs, I’ve decided to make myself a little challenge for the month of February.

The concept is simple really, just create something new and publish it, in whatever state it’s in, every day for a month.

This is the kind of attitude I need to push forward out of my comfort zone, by jumping in the deep end and getting started with routine posts and quick learning of my Adobe tools.

I’ve also decided to do this based on having something to talk about in future podcast episodes. The first three go quite off script, and talk about, at least partially in depth, what The Worb is, and how / why I got started with the website in the first place. While that managed to make three exciting new 25 minute long podcasts (Sunday 30th January 2022, BE THERE), this needs to act as the precursor to The Worb’s main purpose – to create.

Having the topic of the first three podcast episodes be an introduction to The Worb is fine, but I feel it’s time I just started doing more in the ways of moving out of The Worb’s introductory phase. By creating something as opposed to spending time explaining what I want to do, is good for making The Worb self-explanatory over time, as people will see what I’m doing.

As I will go on to say in the first few episodes, creating the podcast was the first main thing I’ve done on behalf of The Worb, and was vital in getting started. Now that both the podcast and the website have been introduced, the next valid step would be to start doing more personal creations and posting artwork on here.

With that being said, I’ve now given you another date to look forward to!

First creation will be out Tuesday 1st February 2022.

Kind regards

Will (Worb)

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