Upcoming Podcast (January Post)

Hello everyone, as you may know, the podcast is right around the corner, with it’s release coming on Sunday 30th January 2022.

I’ve been very sneaky with you all, in making you think that I could start off the podcast with one single episode, however, since recording the first session I thought it would be cool to start this off in a big way.

So I’ve recorded three episodes.

This was taken as advice, given to me when I first acknowledged the idea of doing a podcast (same day I first acknowledged that The Worb could be a website idea too!), where people like the option of having three episodes to listen to as it gives them more of a choice.

Alright then you picky people, have it your way. More information is below for you!

The Worb Podcast Roadmap

A human error occurred when I realised that I forgot to include the times of each podcast episode release. Silly Wilhelm. There are differences in time:

Episode 1 – 12pm

Episode 2 – 1pm

Episode 3 – 2pm

So they’re all an hour away from each other, I’m sure that gives you time to listen to one before the release of the next one. I dare you to do that, for a laugh.

You know how thankful I am for all that The Worb has helped to establish thus far, and if you haven’t heard enough of that I suggest you listen to The Worb Podcast, releasing January 30th 2022.

I wish you the bestest of regards in the meantime,

Will (The Worb)

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