WordPress Plans (15/10/2021)

Hello everyone.

Following on from my previous update, to which I mentioned that I have new ideas, which I want to add to the website but I’m currently lacking time.

A lot of those ideas will require me to have the freedom to edit the website in a way that I see fit. At the current moment, even if I had a plethora of time to dedicate to new creative projects, there’s still a lot of things I’m unable to do as a result of the current package and restrictions given by WordPress in it’s current state.

For Context: WordPress.com is the website provider I’m currently using to make changes and edits to The Worb and is the current host of this website. As I continue to talk about WordPress, they also have a ‘WordPress.org‘ which runs almost completely differently, and offers less restrictions on what I’m able to do.

Right now, the best next step I could take is to move over to WordPress.org. Although providing new updates to the website will be more difficult, and take more time to implement, it’s the cost it takes to have full freedom over The Worb and be able to seek out new ways to make this website more interesting for you!

I’ll keep you posted on new updates through blog posts in the future, and I appreciate the investment people have for this website already.

Kind regards,

Will – The Worb

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