Update (12/10/2021)

Hello everyone.

I’m taking the time to go through a list of priorities in my life. There has been a considerable amount of things to do over the past few weeks and as a result, there hasn’t been any way for me to prioritise time for the website.

Using WordPress as a method to post blogs about my progress is helping me to keep track of all that I need to do, but there is so many ideas I have going on in my head, and little time in the present, that there isn’t much I can do to begin adding anything crucial to my channels.

When time is on my side, and I have arranged all that I have needed to begin adding new content, I will slowly come forward with new projects and ideas, with aims to be able to learn more about what goes into creating new content and create something new that is authentic to me.

I have been so bogged down by a lot of things in recent days and I’ve found myself losing energy, that managing this website and creating content in my spare time feels extremely overwhelming in the present. I hope you are all aware that this is something that means a lot to me, and I want to do things that we can all enjoy, but I appreciate any patience I can get while I work out problems and find time to make an effective start. To get the ball rolling in the most effective way possible.

I’m thankful that I have people who are willing to join me in this process, and will be willing to help me once I start producing new things!

Kind regards,

Will – The Worb.

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