Update (20th September 2021)

Hello everyone, I’m making a new post to shed light on the current situation of my website, my YouTube channel and Anchor account.

With regards to this, I need to admit that it may be a while before I can start uploading new content for any / all of these channels. This comes as I am very busy with a wide variety of things at the moment, with a lot of stuff occupying my personal life and my work, that take first priority before I have time to spend setting up and creating new content for you all.

I wish to spend time creating good content that would mean a lot to me on a personal level and would give everyone something to enjoy. It’s unfortunate that right now I am unable to spare a moment to give the website and it’s channels the proper time it needs to fulfil this objective.

I appreciate any patience people could spare, and I’m thankful that I’ve created these new avenues for me to be able to experiment in creative new ways, and have a place to put them for people to see.

One day soon there will be enough content on this website for people to enjoy.

Thank you very much,


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